PS3 to cost £425 in the UK

Surrender to Sony now! (via El Reg). And there'll still be a bloody shortage.

BBC HD London trials hacked


Does exactly what it says on the tin.


London poverty map

Via the ever-wonderful Boing Boing comes this, an 1898 poverty map from the Charles Booth Online Archive.

'Tis interesting not only for the spatial distribution of poverty - you can see where cabbies got their prejudice of going south of the river - but also for the key. One of the colour codes simply says: Lowest class. Vicious, semi-criminal. Expect a reprint in the Evening Standard soon...


Shiny - it's a paper Serenity

It is too: Serenity in all her lovingly recreated paper detail. The man behind this is obviously a genius.

English instructions for those that don't want a social life for the next three months here