Brooker vs Windows vs Mac

The Gruaniad's Charlie Brooker in coruscating form...

"Seriously, stop it. I don't care if Mac stuff is better. I don't care if Mac stuff is cool. I don't care if every Mac product comes equipped a magic button on the side that causes it to piddle gold coins and resurrect the dead and make holographic unicorns dance inside your head. I'm not buying one, so shut up and go home. Go back to your house. I know, you've got an iHouse. The walls are brushed aluminum. There's a glowing Apple logo on the roof. And you love it there. You absolute MONSTER."


Cthulu + interweb = amusement

Don't ask me why, it just does...


Sydney, Mars

Nothing quite like a red dust storm to turn a city you know into something you quite manifestly don't. Luna Park? More like Olympos Park as Sydney becomes Big Man's playground. BBC NEWS | Have Your Say | Your pictures: Sydney dust storm


Fire in the Hole!

A stunning NASA image of the fires that ranged above LA this week. Nothing more to add than that - just satellite porn basically.


A history lesson

A nice one from the Daily Telegraph:How 20 popular websites looked when they launched.

All brings back fond memories from back in the early days of all this interweb malarkey of giving up and going to another site whenever you'd see a jpeg loading...