AACS cracked already?

And I quote:

A hacker known as Muslix64 posted on the Internet details of how he unlocked the encryption, known as the Advanced Access Content System, which prevents high-definition discs from illegal copying by restricting which devices can play them.

Muslix64 posted a video and decryption codes showing how to copy several films, including Warner Bros' "Full Metal Jacket" and Universal Studios' "Van Helsing," on a popular hacker Internet blog and a video-sharing site.

The hacker also promised to post more source code on January 2 that will allow users to copy a wider range of titles.


Media, tech firms probe possible high-def DVD hack - Yahoo! News

[Reuters via Cinematech]


BBC moves to file-sharing

World's most venerable broadcaster goes bittorrent. Well, sort of...It's going to use Azureas' new Zudeo software, which seems to be some sort of unholy cross between YouTube and Azureas itself - client software which distributes via P2P networks. This way, the Beeb can keep on top of DRM issues and distribute via the web in HD (presumably turning a blind eye to the rest of the world watching Doctor Who on its laptop).

BBC NEWS | Technology | BBC moves to file-sharing sites


Battlestar Galacticsimpsons

Yes, it's the whole BSG cast reimagined as Simpsons characters. A work of genius and then some.
pantsketch: Battlestar Galacticsimpsons


Worldwide spatial distribution

Teetering on the edge of a 40th birthday as I currently am, now seems like a very good time to see how well travelled I've managed to be in the past couple of decades.

I don't know whether to be depressed because I've been so poorly spatially distributed or happy because there's so much still to see...

Of course, such meanderings are a luxury really, and a good illustration of the functioning of time-space compression over the past few decades. Maybe though I should just restrict myself to visiting big countries in future to fill that map in faster...

Make your own map here.

Firefox ascendant in Europe

One via Boing Boing: Firefox ascendant in Europe

Isn't it just?


Water on Mars?

Having been slightly obsessed by Mars ever since I read Kim Stanley Robinson's sublime Mars trilogy, this counts as big news. If it's water that cuts those gullies, then life is a possibility too. Liquid CO2 is a very good candidate for causing the erosion however, especially given the pressures and temperatures on the Martian surface.

Time for another robot!

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Water flowed 'recently' on Mars