Dredd hits 30

Well, not quite. AFAIR he didn't make it to the pages of 2000AD until Issue 2 by which time I already had the poster of Dan Dare's world of the future on my wall.

Even, so 2000AD 30 years old? Crikey etc. BBC NEWS | Magazine | 30 years of the future


Crochet Evil

Damn...never thought I'd feel the need to learn to crochet...

shigella: EXTERMINATE!


Careers for Girls

Via BoingBoing, a 1966 boardgame called The Exciting Career Game for Girls that set out to tell young American women what they could potentially do with their lives. Gosh what can you be, young ladies of America? Well, your choices are limited to how well you do in the various schools. To whit:

Teacher (College), Actress (Drama School), Nurse (Nursing School), Model (Charm School), Ballet Dancer (Ballet School), or Airline Hostess (Airline School).

And jolly well done all of you.

Here's the link: bradley's almanac

In the interests of gender equality, I hear you ask if there was a boy's version. Well, yes there was. And while the girls were doing all the important stuff, we had to put up with being either Statesmen, Scientists, Athletes, Doctors, Engineers, or Astronauts.

40 years suddenly seems like a long time ago...


A bit rubbish

From the BBC News website:

The deepest snow recorded so far is Sennybridge in the Brecon Beacons where 7cm (3in) is lying and overnight temperatures plummeted to -4C (25F).

7cm of snow, temps 'plummeting' to -4C and a country grinding to a halt? Ye Gods, you'd think that we'd normally be baskimg in Floridian conditions the way everything's fallen apart so swiftly.


Caught by the fuzz

Went to see a preview of Hot Fuzz last night and the good news is it's as excellent a slice of fried gold as it should be. Pegg, Frost and Wright have pulled off the mightily tricky achievement of making a film that works equally well as a comedy and an action movie. And it is a very funny comedy, with enough of a splattering of comedy gore and references to cornettos to keep the Shaun of the Dead fanbase happy.

Frost as usual gets the best/most outrageous lines, Timothy Dalton chews the scenery in memorable fashion as the town nasty, and the supporting cast are all note perfect (a befuddled Bill bailey in particular). Am still snorting about various scenes in it the day after, which is usually the sign of a good comedy.

On the Kermode Scale of laughing out loud: well over a dozen. Easiest the funniest British comedy since their last film.

As PC Danny Butterman would say, "Richard Curtis? What a **n*!"


Buffy - season 8

Seems that The Whedon has been spilling the beans on his forthcoming comic book series of Buffy adventures here.

Already being billed as the eighth and never filmed series of the show, it seems that the Buffster's now in charge of entire legions of crack Slayer corps who've been branded as a terrorist organisation by the US government.

Whedon can get away with a lot more in comic-form. "This is bigger variations. It's a symphony based on the little tune we played," goes the quote.

Should be good...