Caught by the fuzz

Went to see a preview of Hot Fuzz last night and the good news is it's as excellent a slice of fried gold as it should be. Pegg, Frost and Wright have pulled off the mightily tricky achievement of making a film that works equally well as a comedy and an action movie. And it is a very funny comedy, with enough of a splattering of comedy gore and references to cornettos to keep the Shaun of the Dead fanbase happy.

Frost as usual gets the best/most outrageous lines, Timothy Dalton chews the scenery in memorable fashion as the town nasty, and the supporting cast are all note perfect (a befuddled Bill bailey in particular). Am still snorting about various scenes in it the day after, which is usually the sign of a good comedy.

On the Kermode Scale of laughing out loud: well over a dozen. Easiest the funniest British comedy since their last film.

As PC Danny Butterman would say, "Richard Curtis? What a **n*!"

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