For the future of TV, press the red button now

Or not, as the case may be. A BBC News report on why four buzzword-friendly TV technologies - IPTV, HD, mobile and open internet TV - will not work just yet.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Future of TV: Still on standby?

And Michael Grade resigned today to join ITV. Conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day. Just what is the BBC trying to tell us in secret messages? Is Torchwood genuinely a bit rubbish, or the BBC's way of saying Up the license fee now, Tony-boy? Was Richard Hammond's 300mph crash an extended metaphor for the investment required to launch BBCs 3 & 4? Anything is possible, fact fans...

Fluff shuffles off the mortal coil

Not 'arf.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | DJ 'Fluff' Freeman dies aged 79


Listen and buy

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Radio to offer MP3s as you listen

Not a bad idea this, if a tad on the expensive side compared to iTunes at the moment.

Music fans will soon be able to purchase songs as they listen to them on their digital radio or mobile phone.

The service, called Digital Music Downloading, allows listeners to buy any song they hear, with MP3 copies being sent to their phone and computer.

Now, if they can extend it to background music used on TV programmes...


(You must be out of your) Brilliant Minds

Special Report on Brilliant Minds Forecast the Next 50 Years - New Scientist

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, New Scientist has a load of scientists predicting what will come in the *next* 50 years. Alien life, gravitational waves, unifying theories, extended life spans, a scientific understanding of conciousness...and still no bloody rocket pants!


Now, *that's* a hard sell

I might be going crazy here, but idly watching The Daily Show on CNN just now I swear I saw a minute-long commercial from the Azerbijani Tourist Board. That's what I call a challenge.

Anyway, back from South Africa. Full report here.