Careers for Girls

Via BoingBoing, a 1966 boardgame called The Exciting Career Game for Girls that set out to tell young American women what they could potentially do with their lives. Gosh what can you be, young ladies of America? Well, your choices are limited to how well you do in the various schools. To whit:

Teacher (College), Actress (Drama School), Nurse (Nursing School), Model (Charm School), Ballet Dancer (Ballet School), or Airline Hostess (Airline School).

And jolly well done all of you.

Here's the link: bradley's almanac

In the interests of gender equality, I hear you ask if there was a boy's version. Well, yes there was. And while the girls were doing all the important stuff, we had to put up with being either Statesmen, Scientists, Athletes, Doctors, Engineers, or Astronauts.

40 years suddenly seems like a long time ago...

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