Nights on Cydonia

Or perhaps triple strength West Country cider-nia to be more accurate...

The Halexandria Foundation maintains an interesting website full of what is often referred to as Forteana. This (Cydonia) is probably my favourite, found following a fairly random clickstream and suggesting that the area around Avebury exactly corresponds to similar geographical features found in the Cydonia region of Mars. Y'know, the bit with the 'face'.

Good, harmless fun, that concludes:

The reality appears to be that if we merely look around our planet for artifacts and other anomalies -- those which simply can not be explained by a limited view understanding of what the ancient human civilizations were capable of -- then we are faced inexorably with the fact that other non-human intelligences were involved in their creation.

Well, indeed. Unfortunate though that the Halexandria Foundation intro page kicks off with the following:

“May you live in interesting times.” Depending upon the source, this ancient Chinese phrase is considered either a curse -- attended by difficulties, stress and the lack of ease, comfort, and routine -- or a blessing -- filled with stimulation, adventure, and excitement.

Wonder if there's anything in the fact that 'may you live in interesting times'has recently been revealed to be a thoroughly modern phrase coined in a Golden Age SF short story? Hmmm...perhaps they could be linked...

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