Red break-in

Looks like those doyens of the digital camera hype, Red, have suffered a break in at their premises. Here's what the OC Register says about it:

"A prototype for a digital cinema camera that creators say will revolutionize the cinematography industry was stolen late last month from the Lake Forest office where it was being tested, authorities said Tuesday.

Red Digital Camera Co., the brainchild of Oakley sunglass creator Jim Jannard, is in the process of perfecting RED ONE, a high-performance 4K digital camera that promises to deliver the quality of 35mm film with the ease of a camcorder at a bargain price.

'Losses could venture into the millions' if the technology is compromised, said Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Article - News - Company's cinema camera prototype stolen

Burglary or espionage? CinemaTech, where I got the story from, favours the former, while noting the publicity benefits of the latter. Reminds me of the time a facility I was visiting in London had been turned over the night before. Result, one stolen Mac. Lucikly, an entire case of Zeiss HD lenses were still lying there beside the hole where the G4 used to be. Cue one very relieved facility owner. There was a Quantel iQ there too, but at the time I guess the Mac had a better resale value. Arf!

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