Rocket Pants

Those who know me know that I have a couple of soapboxes that I'm wont to climb on after a beer or two: one of them being how my generation has been let down by technology. We were promised holidays on the moon. We were promised food pills. Damn it, we were promised rocket pants. All have failed to materialise in our lifetimes so far leaving - well, me I guess - technologically disillusioned.

The men who want to fly. By Larry Smith - Slate Magazine is thus a brilliant read, largely because it contains the salient fact that: To date, only 11 men in history have free-flown a rocketbelt. More men have walked on the moon.

And with that knowledge, my pain diminishes somewhat. Still miffed about those moon holidays though...

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The Yellow Haired One said...

It appears our fave Grandeur-Rock frontman Matt Bellamy has as a similar interest..the quote is from
Guardian Unlimited

"He spent his early royalties not on vintage guitars or Beatles memorabilia but a device called a Paramotor: a propeller-operated "jet pack" that attaches to the back. Suitably equipped, Bellamy would apparently soar over the Devon Riviera"