Zero G for Zero £

Well, not quite. In fact, quite a long way from no £, but the following graph in Wired shows the cost per minute of a weightless experience.

Yup, Zero G is by far and away the cheapest, clocking in at under $500 per minute. It uses modified 727s to fly a series of 15 parabolic arcs, giving you your weightless experience in 30 second chunks, and flies out of Las Vegas or Kennedy Space Centre at a cost of $3500 a seat.

Virgin Galactic meanwhile will charge you $200,000 for flying the same sort of parabola, albeit at 100km + altitudes. And you get stuck with Branson and a whole host of celebrities from the world of fashion, music and film. Pah. At least Zero G has Stephen Hawking floating around on its webpage.

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