Day Four – Walking, That’s What We Do

After a night sleeping on the floor in a village house, we get up, pack up and set off with 126km of walking through the Jebel Sahro mountains ahead of us. A barren, bleak and blasted area, it’s also really rather beautiful. I’m not given to quoting poetry often – pretentious, moi? - but Shelley expressed it in three lines better than I can in a thousand words:

I love all waste and solitary places
Where we taste the pleasure of believing what we see is boundless
As we wish our souls to be

Clever chap, though he obviously wasn’t paid by the word.

Anyway, we walk about five hours today. Even reading back in the diary I kept during the trip, the days kind of blur into each other. You wake up with the dawn about six or seven, break camp, eat breakfast (porridge with honey usually, which I normally managed to follow by a quick round of chocolate spread sandwiches), walk five hours, have lunch (vast salads with some carbs and protein on the side), flake out, do an optional walk, do chores, have dinner, play cards, go to bed about nine or, if you’re feeling really daring, about ten.

It’s a holiday, but only after a fashion…;-)

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