Virtual Mammon

Couple of interesting snippets on the burgeoning virtual metaverse out there from the ever-brilliant Boing Boing.

First is a review site for Virtual Prostitutes in Second Life. As BB puts it:

In-game prostitutes buy or make customized genitals, bodies, wardrobes, etc, and then conduct chat-based cybersex with johns while guiding their tricked-out characters through virtual sex acts.

Full story here, along with a link to the review site in question. Oh, and when they say the link is NSFW, they mean it.

Meanwhile, the MMORPG of the masses, World of Warcraft is attracting unwelcome attention for shutting down gay-oriented guilds. They're doing it with all the best intentions - officially anyway - but queer rights groups are upset and launching action.

Wonderland reckons WoW ought to have a Pride festival just to make up for it. Top idea.

Update: And of course, as the pic proves, the gay community is taking things into its own hands already. Respect!

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