People who *really* have too much time on their hands - part one

Tube maps comprised of anagrams? Pah, they are as nothing to a bunch of Israeli techno-geeks trying to prove that snails are faster than ADSL. As they put it:

The system called SNAP (SNAil-based data transfer Protocol), uses biological carriers, and, for the first time, taking advantages of the unique merits of the wheel for data transfer.

Data is transported in 2 packets in parallel, 4.7 Giga each packet, and the front-end consists largely of a Giant African Snail. As the authors concede, however, despite the apparent speed of the delivery system, in French regions in particular culinary preferences may lead to a Denial Of Service problem.

And the geeks shall inherit the earth? Only if they get off their arses and stop mucking about with snails.

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