An early easter story

I'd sack a PR company that released a story so perfectly designed to get up the Daily Mail's nose at easter four weeks early myself, but there you go.

Via boingboing we have the slightly headline grabbing Misbehaving players to be crucified in MMORPG. Now, release this in the run up to easter and you get 'Sicko game company crucifies kids' and all manner of sales-friendly headlines in large point in the ever-obliging tabloids. Do it now and you get people like me saying things like 'Hmmm...one really does wonder how this sort of thing bodes for the future development of MMORPGs and online communities, especially when it comes to issues of justice and punishment'. Worthy, but it don't shift units.

Anyway: Players who misbehave in the Roman online role-playing game Roma Victor will be punished by having their characters crucified and displayed in public spaces for other players to mock and throw things at. The first crucifixion is being doled out to "Cynewulf," played by a 27 year-old electrical engineer from Flint, Michigan, whose crime is "ganking" (ripping off) new players as they first appear in game. Cynewulf will be hung on the cross for seven days.

Wonder how often he'll log in...

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