Preserving Our Rights in the Mashosphere

A Wired piece all about mashups, intellectual property rights and Web 2.0 technologies. Preserving Our Rights in the Mashosphere

Here's a para or two:

The driving philosophy behind mashups and other Web 2.0 technologies is that data should be open, exposed, and sharable. This so-called "Right to Remix" doesn't mean that people should be required to give up their rights to their own intellectual property, but it does mean that people have to be willing to share in order for development to continue along its current arc of progression....

This willingness to share isn't likely to fade any time soon, either. It's in our nature. We post to blogs, show our faces in our Flickr accounts, maintain our Digg profiles and our MySpace pages because we want to share. And we like to look just as much as we like to show and tell. The Web 2.0 scene thrives because of our curiosity and our exhibitionism. Most of us would be downright excited to see our photo appear in a mashup.

Too right. Information wants to be free etc!

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