Lucas: Farewell Cashola

So, with the annual glitz-a-thon that is the Oscars thankfully over for another year, the minds of the great and the good turn to what's really preying on their subconscious this year: the future of the film industry. Yup, forget all that 35mm vs digital debate or 2k vs 4k vs 6k guff, what matters is bums on pews. Of the two non luvvie speeches on Oscars night, 100% of them can be summarised as 'People of America, get off your DVD-watching arses and get into the cinemas'.

George Lucas, the man that virtually single-handedly invented the event movie, now reckons that: "In the future, almost everything that gets shown in theaters will be indie movies," Lucas declared. "I predict that by 2025 the average movie will cost only $15 million."

So, he'll be trying even harder to cane in the money using Jar Jar Binks dolls then...

There is a link to the NY Times article that mentions this, but seeing as how the rest of it is celebrity twaddle about the film Hellotocracy, I'll spare you.

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