Underwear perverts ahoy!

Bit of backstory here. It seems that Marvel and DC have invoked the ire of right-thinking people the web over by trying to trademark the term 'superhero'. Creative little indie comicbook publisher A produces innovative graphic novel B and quickly gets slapped with writ C. Nasty business.

So, led by the crusading boingboing and building on a suggestion by industry legend Warren Ellis, a campaign has been started to refer to superheroes as 'underwear perverts' at every available opportunity.

Superdickery.com also aims to out underwear perverts as just plain nasty guys in overly tight pants. Hence the site has a whole selection of examples of Superman frankly being a bit of a bastard. Perhaps more entertaining yet though is the unintentional innuendo exposed in the Seduction of the Innocent section from whence the illustrative image comes. As for the lame super powers section...Behold KiteMan!

Go look, it really is excellent.

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