High def dumbed down

As the industry wakes up to the knotty 'We love it, but what will the punters think of HD once Sky has squeezed the bandwidth' question, it already looks like consumers are perhaps not going to get HD in its full on 1920 x 1080 glory.

According to this article in Video Business Online, HD DVD and Blu-ray players will downconvert the output to a measly 960 x 540 for analogue outputs? Why analogue? Because it's not encrypted, that's why. And how many of those HD-ready sets out there have analogue only inputs? Yup, you guessed it, lots.

Industry 1 Consumer 0


The Yellow Haired Warrior said...

Oh joy, another complete waste of time in the world of HD.

What a pity "They" cannot make it a little more transparent for consumers instead of offering polished turds of varying sizes...

We want the mother turd, in glorious digital 1920x1080!

Andy said...

The mother turd's a fantastic concept, but surely it's evolved now and is up in the 2k regions, if not heading rapidly towards 4k.

Besides, since when has anyone made any money making it easy for consumers? Divide and conquer!