Invade Iraq, Zork-style

Can't remember where I came across this, but truly it is a work of genius: a Zork-style text misadventure that sees Bush try to invade Iraq in the manner of a 1970s computer game. It starts like this:

Oval Office
You are standing inside a White House, having just been elected to the presidency of the United States. You knew Scalia would pull through for you.

There is a large desk here, along with a few chairs and couches. The presidential seal is in the middle of the room and there is a full-length mirror upon the wall.

What do you want to do now?

You are not able to do that, yet.

Self-reflection is not your strong suit.

It's not that kind of seal.

More at :defective yeti: Xyzzy

And hallelujah, Zorks I, II & III seem to be available for download here. Okay, that's my winter sorted...

Update: Or perhaps not. A mere 5 minutes of Zork-style gaming almost had me seperated from my PC via an open window and I was googling feverishly for a walkthrough already. Modern gamers, eh? They're all nesh.

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