Work - Interesting stuff from Broadcast

First up, the Beeb is thinking of scrapping Jupiter after several years and around £11m. Was meant to be up and running in September 2004, but 'the newsroom still relies on older systems for back-up'.

Looks like April's the crunch date. Says Mark Thompson: "It's time to make our mind up. We need to decide if it can work or not."

The Beeb is also trying to get Channels 4, 5 and ITV onboard to help pressure the government to release parts of the spectrum for HD transmisison once the analogue signal is turned off. 12 frequencies would be needed to transmit 5 HD channels via Freeview (two more are being sold off, perfect for DVB-H really).

Enjoyed this quote from 4's CE Andy Duncan: "It's very hard to see that, even by 2020, HDTV will be in a majority of hmes."

Hmmmm...sounds like a negotiating position to me.

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