Okay, so Series One has now officially ended in the UK with as big a damp squib as any episodic series has managed to date. Even the Buffys (Buffi?) where the season's Big Bad turned out to be an overgrown snake or an overcharged Frankenstein's Monster didn't quite plumb the depths of pathos Lost managed last night (plus, to be fair to the Whedonverse, Buffy did pull one of the all time greatest cliffhangers out of the pot when the Buffster herself died for our sins).

Nope, that was frankly a bit poor, and you can see why Channel 4 ran eps 22 and 23 together, because nobody would have bothered watching after the pisspoor 22 if ep 23 wasn't rolling up right after the ad break.

Good bits: Hurley's getting on the plane and the incident on The Boat (which was about when I remembered why I like the show in the first place). Bad bits: Shannon has failed to die in spite of my frequent supplications to the gods. Mediocre bits: All the stuff that filled the gaps between Hurley's getting on the plane and the incident on The Boat, to be honest.

Ah well, at least Battlestar Galactica is back.

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