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Wired News: One Giant Leap to IMAX

Wired, bless it, is more than happy to report a new Imax movie, Roving Mars, and I for one am more than happy to read about it.

Seems like all those high res pics the Martian rovers have been snapping away wrap rather nicely round an Imax screen, so the Nasa/Disney military entertainment complex put two and two together and came up with the highly unusual answer of four and Roving Mars is the result.


Here's a quote:

"Nobody has the display capability in their homes you'd need to really see these images in all their grandeur," said Mars Rover lead scientist Steve Squyres. "One panorama we created was 4,000 pixels high and 24,000 pixels around, and your laptop just can't display that. But on an IMAX screen five stories tall, you're standing on the edge of the crater. You're there."

Oddly enough directed by George Butler, who was also the man behind The Governator's Pumping Iron biopic way back when, the movie is out Jan 27 in the US.

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